continuity of the continuation

eat – drive – skate – drive – shower – clean – pack – sleep – wake – shower – eat – drive – work – eat – meet – drive – park – check in – xray’d – sit – stand – sit – upright and locked position – taxi – fly – descent – land – taxi – stand – walk – collect – drive – eat – drink – sleep.

aside from the obvious eating and drinking and cambie’ing this weekend there are two thing that I have to do:

find the one wine store in canada that carries Caduceus Cellars Merkin Vineyard wine.

k, well the second thing sort of involves a few little things but whatever. find a new set of skate wheels, or boots and laces and bearings while hitting up the RollerGirl in store clearance with danielle and jen.

that’ll have to make up for not ever managing to go for that ice cream and beer. i’d say that digging through clearance derby stuff is a fair trade off. but then of course, on the chance that said visit to said store is successful, I suppose that would be cause enough for celebratory lunch drinks.

i had to sit through four hours of FOIP training today.

you don’t ever want to sit through four hours of FOIP training.


if someone tells you that you have to sit through four hours of FOIP training run away.

far away

to a place with no phones

so they can’t find you and tell you you’re late for your four hours of FOIP training.

btw, it’s my birthday tomorrow. let the accolades and/or insults begin in earnest.

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