change two panes

a few of the girls on the team think that I’ve progressed enough to pass the benchmark tests that you have to take to sort of be an official skater. I’ll admit I’m kind of fifty fifty on that. they tell me it’s really easy, but I dunno. but that might be because the last practice was like a big bag o’ fail. i felt super off the whole night and completely drained. the last time i remember feeling that tired after some kind of exercise or activity was running down the Chief was dario and dean last year. though the weird thing was that I didn’t feel a thing this morning. not sore, not tired. I felt pretty refreshed actually.

saturday im going as a mad scientist. im not sure how mad i look though. i was putting everything together and i think i look a little more like Thomas Dolby than a Dr. Deathdoomfear guy. meh. i have a death ray so that works.

so at work our office is dressing up as characters from Clue. I got professor plum. but then someone brought in an updated version of the game and the characters are a little different. so now, instead of a dusty old purple professor, Victor Plum is a video game billionaire. i can deal with that.

this time next week i’ll be packed to drive down to calgary the next morning and fly out to Vancouver where it’s not snowing and cold as fuck.

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  1. haha thomas dolby.

    go as that guy from flock of seagulls…

    also, roller skating doesn’t take that much coordination man.

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