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pictures from saturday’s roller derby bout of the Sweet Transvestites (Red Deer Belladonnas) and the Dammit Janets! (Oil City Derby Girls) are here.

lots of the girls on the team seem to like the shots I take at the bouts. I seem to think i need a camera that can go higher than 1600 iso without looking like something you drew in MS Paint.

in any case, if you live somewhere where there’s a derby team, you should definitely go check it out. and then you can encourage more people to *cough*terminalcityrollergirls*cough* get involved. even if you dont skate, there’s plenty to do to help out. besides, you know you want an excuse to buy those flashy, red rollerskates that no one else has.

2 Thoughts.

  1. There’s more pictures of the refs than the girls.

    And if that’s what Red Deer is like, now I understand why you moved there.

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