this is a song about cider

i’d never been to a punk show until last night. it was cool as hell! The Dreadnoughts are actually from Vancouver and i remember hearing about them and now i wonder why i never went to see them there.

there was shit all for lighting really, so i spent most of the time for the opening band (Rigormorticians) trying to decide if it was actually worth trying to take any. and then i decided that since i had brought my sb-600 with me, fuck it, i’ll just use that. generally i don’t like to use it at a show because I like natural stage lighting better. BUT. after realizing that using it and bumping up to 1600 ISO gives a fucking spectacularly grungy feeling to pictures that completely suits the tone of the show, i went snap happy.

the guys in the band were pretty damn cool. they were crashing at my friend ally’s place who’s good friends with them so i ended up playing rockband with them until 3am.

full set HERE

oh, and i did this:

sploosh from Pat Z on Vimeo.

2 Thoughts.

  1. Nice concert pics, those are some hilarious jumps.

    I am also wondering why you wasted A&W. At least waste the diet stuff!

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