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so on tuesday i headed down to calgary to meet up with a Saskatchewanian living in a tall building, which happens to stand directly across the street from the pub where Mojave was playing that night. coincidentally, all three parties had never set foot in said pub. even though one said party lives across the street. but i’m not judging. you can’t judge that after you cheers to beer. i’d also have to put in a latent cheer to actually knowing someone in Calgary now. which i don’t think is something to take for granted given i live in between two large cities but suffer from a large lack of people around here.

in any case, the pre show conversation was nerdily rad. and the actual pub itself was pretty cool too. i would say that the only downside is that it’s an hour and a half away. but otherwise, it’s pretty cool and the next time i have time to spare to drive down there i’ll probably go again.

just as a quick aside, i’d like to mention that driving south to calgary feels like it takes for fucking ever. driving north it feels like you’re going ludicrous speed. someone at the bar brought up the fact that going south you’re driving up hill the whole way so that’s probably why. im pretty sure the fact that the entire highway is under construction from airdrie all the damn way into downtown doesn’t help either.

in any case, i got there, didn’t get lost and had a good time talking to paul and lj and meg and the other random people at the table pre show. plus i got to meet Roadie MacGee, which was probably a major highlight of the night.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll continue to say it as long as i go see them perform: finding fault with Mojave’s playing is probably not possible. especially when they drop some newer than the new album material on you and you have to force yourself to not yell out loud like “FUCK YEAH NEW STUFF WOOOO!!!” so instead you kind of whisper yell it into your beer…

i also think that when you’re the only person at the table singing along to all the songs you totally have a right to feel awesome that you know all the words to all the songs even though when you were trying to harmonize with the albums on the drive down you totally failed to hold a note…

there were a bunch of people in the bar there to see a local band, but i like it when you see people at a place to see another band and then they end up totally digging a different one. not that you can really blame them.  especially when they have people on stage beating sticks and shaking eggs.

i have to interrupt the flow here for a second to say that watching penguins run around on Discovery HD is pretty fucking cool.

it’s also pretty cool when you ask a few days before the show if they’ll play a song and then they totally do and it totally rules because you’ve waited three shows and a province later to see it live and even tried to figure it out on your own even though you were in open G and the song isn’t even remotely written in that.

i picked up a mojave shirt finally and it’s awesome. it goes well with the stickers i have on my amp and guitar case.

this is their tour schedule. it’s not even a request at this point. if you’re in one of these cities when they’re playing get your ass down there. i’ll be at the tour closer in Edmonton. and if by some miraculous universal will things work out nicely, the one in vancouver on the 5th of november.

you can spend valuable time looking at the entire set of pictures from the show here.

and don’t even hesitate about going to one of their shows because there is a virtual guarantee that it will be…

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  1. I think if I die in the near future, I’d like to have “nerdily rad” written in my obit. Someone please take note of that.

    Also, Dickens was a rad pub. Even radder than my other Local, which is across the street in the other direction.

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