two milk crates

once upon a time i would have felt incredibly bad about having left my blog without a new posst in four or five days. i was thinking about it today, how a good chunk of everyone i know in vancouver is through some kind of internet influenced thing. not all, but a lot. then i figured that there probably isn’t much of a tech or blogger community in red deer. g’head, pop ‘red deer bloggers’ into google and see what you can come up with.

people here think it’s strange that I’ll walk to and from work. i think it’s strange that the majority of people here don’t walk to a lot of places.

I’ll be glad to move upstairs next week cause the windows don’t face the sun in the morning. everyday this week i’ve woken up with the sun. usually at 5:30am. then i’ll roll over and try to go back to sleep for another hour.

i know i grew up in this province to a certain extent, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been surrounded by this type of mentality. moreso in the way that people drive, how they sound, the general tone of the place. i think the size of this place is starting to bother me, the tallest building downtown has maybe ten stories. everything feels very low and really spread out. i suppose that can be good, but when you’re used to walking around between office towers and making transit times an integral part of trip planning, it’s a little offputting when you can walk out the front door, do a complete circut of downtown by foot and be back on the couch in under an hour.

a bunch have people asked me this week what dhaka was like. i’ve been catching myself getting overly excited when i tell them because it’s another opportunity to relive it a little bit.

today was not unlike many days there. it was in the low 30s today, i came home after work with not much to do, did some laundry and hung it to dry, of course, were this dhaka there would becockroaches to chase, or blockus to play, or chords to teach bimala.

i’ll have to do something about not knowing anyone here otherwise i’m likely to basically turn into a hermit and only leave for work and food. maybe that’e why i’ve spent so much time in the last few days looking at what kind of tent to buy. at least then I can come home after work on a friday, toss some stuff in the van and head out past Rocky to find a nice little spot to plunk down at for the weekend.

i get paid for the first time next week. rent, tv and a tent.

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  1. At least short buildings means you won’t have that apocalyptic no-safe-place-to-run scenario you like to tell me about … you know, to scare me about living dt.

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