ant bites and moths

i went to look at bbqs today and ended up buying a new pair of work shoes. oh right, and the whole set of pictures from saturday’s photowalk through Center Fest is here.

i’ve spent more time in the last week looking at tents than I have at tvs even though a tv is going to be the more immediate purchase. and im not sure on the rules for bbqs in the building as to whether or not propane is allowed or not. i don’t really want to get a charcoal one and who the hell wants an electric one? you want an electric one use a stove, bbqs are for FIRE!! RRRR ARRGGHRRHRHGHAHGHGHAAHAHGHGHG!!!! sorry, got something caught in my throat there.

i know that over the last few years the vehicle I’ve wanted to get has changed a lot. i think the city you live in has a big impact on that. especially considering that I don’t think there’s an Audi dealership in red deer and I’ve seen one in the last week and a half. so, you know, as much as I’d like that Audi S5 it just doesn’t fit in here. i could still probably swing an Altima 3.5 SE here but given that i’ve returned to the rightful land of trucks, I’m pretty well set on a Tacoma SR5 TRD. now i only have to wait until i can put 20k down on it… so…like, a year and a half. bleh.

well, really, i need a tv, a tent and some camping stuff. after that, what’s left to get other than save for a truck? not much. well, ok, unless the guy at the music store downtown says he can get me a Gibson SGJ. and there;s always the D700 too get.

ok, so, a few things. whatever.

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