well wishers and buttons

im not saying it’s imperative, but i am saying that it’s absolutely necessary for everyone to forget whatever it is they’re doing at some point this weekend and go watch Coraline. in 3D. it HAS to be in 3D.

if you’ve seen the trailers and you think it’s a movie for little kids, then you’re wrong and I’m right and go see it.

if you’ve seen the trailers and you think it looks interesting, then you’re right and i’m right and go see it.

if you’ve seen the trailers and you want to go see it, then you’ll know i’m right.

ok, honestly, i thought it looked interesting from the trailers, but initially thought it would be some kind of weird knock off of Emily the Strange. and it was either this or go to the umpteenth remake of Camp Crystal Lake. seriously, why?

im glad i went to see this. i’ll admit that the plot is pretty basic, but you start to forget that and get absorbed into it from the visuals alone. it’s like Nightmare Before Christmas meets Van Gogh (literally. when it hits the Starry Night scene you’ll know exactly what i mean). it’s fucking stellar. it’s a kid movie for adults. you can’t really go wrong with that.

and trust me on the 3D thing. you HAVE to see it in 3D.

i’m not big on giving reviews that talk about the story that much, cause really, no one ever agrees with the critics. so you’ll just have to believe me when i say it’s epic, you need to see it, and you need to see it soon.

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