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Camp 6-point trekking Crampons

tomorrow will be the first time in a long while that i’ll be out of bed before 9am. tomorrow will be the first day of 2009 that dario and dean and i start heading out at 6:30am on sundays or saturdays to be the first to the top of mountain tops.

tomorrow, the Chief. i left my base layers stuff in alberta for hunting so i had to go get some new stuff but i already mentioned that.

today i hit up superstore for hiking food. and this morning it occured to me that rope would be a good idea as well as some small, light crampons in case we hit some ice on the way up. totaly scored a nice set of Camp 6-point crampons for $20 off retail at MEC cause the box was open. you can strap them on in about 30 seconds and get nice extra grip if need be. i figure at some point they’ll come in useful up there, especially since the three peaks are high up and usually when things are high up in the winter there’s ice and snow and extra grip is a good thing.

also, im gonna bust out my US Army issue waterproof coat. my dad got it from an old war buddy and didnt want it so i nabbed it.

hey, if you’re gonna weekend warrior it, might as well do it up right.

also, we’re apprently going to watch dario pack firewood up cause we plan to cook some hotdogs for lunch at the top. fuck. yes.

and then after we make it up and down with no one slipping, falling or stumbling, it’s off to Chad’s basement to make more noise.

today i showed him it’s not scary to walk into Long & McQuade. we also ran into everett and erin who happened to park right beside us at the same time so everett and i ended up wandering around chekcing out amps and saying why the white EDS-1275 was better than the red. and then we showed chad what a $15,000 guitar looked like.

ok, time to get my stuff ready.

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