danielle has a good idea


no seriously, she has a good idea. and you know what? if you ask real nice then you can have something similar. because i am awesome like that.

what is slightly less than awesome is when you apply for jobs and it’s all online and you get to the part where it’s like “PROVIDE 3 REFERENCES” and then it tells you to provide references for all your employment for the last five years. im sorry but in five years don’t you think that maybe, just MAYBE, some of those references won’t be around or will have moved or changed jobs or you don’t know where they are or haven’t spoken to them in forever? any of the bosses i’ve had that i still know are around have either moved jobs, left the place i worked at or retired. so, yeah that doesn’t really do me much good.

also, places that have online application systems that use the SIMS system should realize that it’s a shitty system for online applications. TERRIBLE. SFU moved their student system to SIMS and I know lots of people that hate it. I’m one of them. what the fuck is the point of having to wait for the whole page to refresh each time you click a button? AND the auto refresh on those sites always logs you out after like two minutes of inactivity. LAME. UBER LAME. i bet that’s one of the first challenges they set up to see if you’re worthy of working there, that you can actually figure out how to work the online application process.

i think i should aim to apply for a job a day for the next month. doable. on top of thesising and assignments. yeah so i might go a little crazy but not much more than usual i guess.

tomorrow i will meet The Quack. ATTACK. come on, it had to be said.

the other day i saw this woman buy $80 worth of lottery tickets in front of her daughters who couldn’t have been more than 8 or 9. and she pulled all her money out of a Prada wallet that pulled out of a Louis Vuitton purse that she had hanging off her Marc Jacobs coat. yes. great lesson by example there. and right behind her was a guy dressed in a ragged old trenchcoat, who obviously is not the wealthiest guy in town who just wanted to buy a muffin. and thie woman was taking so long ordering the cashier around with 649 THIS and SUPER 7 THAT that the guy got fed up and tossed what little change he had on the counter and left. and then her kids were backed away from him like he’s the fucking devil and this woman wouldn’t even look at him while she’s barking out ticket stuff and the cashier turns around and is all “he just stole some candy!” and im thinking, wow, way to pay attention to what just went on. like, forget the fact that he just wants some food that he has change to pay with, no, it’s more important that this woman shows her daughters how to throw away $80 because you’re wearing probably $1000 worth of clothes. nice fucking priorities.

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  1. I told Dario that when him and I have a house to decorate that I would like to maybe buy some pictures from you to put up in our home. He was like ‘oh so mine aren’t good enough?’ haha. I told him we could have both. I hope you’re game for that!

  2. Danielle, he’s jewish, of course he judges your fendi wallet coming out of your fendi purse. He’s thinking about a million and one ways of hording the money that everyone spends on things like that! hahaha 🙂

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