all quiet on the western front

All Quiet

i haven’t left my place much in the last few days. i had to go downtown today to meet my IS prof to go over my lit review assignment. which was kind of funny cause im the only person in the class who’s not actually in the IS program and he didn’t know that so when he asked how i was doing and i responded with the generic “im tired cause i live, breathe, eat, etc thesis” he was like “ah, i getcha, yeah don’t worry about it i know where you’re coming from.” which i appreciated cause i’ve had profs before who you could have told you’re completely buried with stuff way more important than their class and they’d basically tell you they don’t give a fuck.

tomorrow im going to go to harbour center and sit down again in my little corner and try to get some work, any work, done. i forced myself to detach from it this week but im not sure i can keep that up.

today was kind of an odd blend of semi accomplishment… sort of. i was downtown all of thirty minutes today after a shit sleeo, came home, crashed for a few hours, did some emailing of the necesarry variety, did some searching around for stuff and now im back to the point where im sitting on the couch eating mint aero flavoured whipped cream and flipping between Mantracker and Star Trek. and Signs. i dont get why people say that’s a crap movie, i think it’s pretty good.

that crow sat across the street just long enough for me to grab my camera and fire off three shots.

i have this recurring feeling that February is going to be a very interesting month.

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  1. What I want to know, is where on earth I can find some mint aero-flavoured whip cream.

    I thought Signs was great. It also has one of the most affecting death scenes I’ve seen in a movie.

    “There’s a monster outside my room, can I have a glass of water?”

  2. “This water is contaminated.” … that has to be my favourite part of that movie. I think it gets a bad review because people were disappointed with the conclusion – however, I don’t think one of them could claim to have not been kept in suspense throughout the film.

  3. i’m partial to the part where Mel busts in and everyone’s got on their shiny new aluminum hats.

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