my rhymes are bottomless

im taking a few days off any schooll work because i think i should. i figured i’d have a few days anyway between sending in my first draft and getting it back. turns out that i was about a day and a half turnaround too fast. goddamn it. not the first thing i want to see in my inbox the morning after several pitchers and jager bombs.

so for now, i’m pretending it’s not there.

because if it is, it’ll hang there all ‘hey. hey, hey buddy, know how i invaded every aspect of life for the last long time? hey, so im back and get to it.’


a good cure for a hangover is lugging a bunch of gear over to someone’s basement to fuck around and make noise for a few hours. which is apparently now named the ‘Pat Zaph 45 Minute Solo Exrtavaganza’. that’s only cause there’s no mic set up. and cause ryan, chad and i dont know any songs yet other than the shit we make up on the spot. or rather, ryan plays a bass line from a Stones song i dont know and i make it up as i go. something like that.

and apparenty kitchen knives and danielle aren’t friends. but that’s not ym story to tell, just bear witness to.

i think im staying put tonight. mayhaps a 7-11 run is in order, followed by some dvd watching and maybe i’ll engineer up another brilliant Lego spacecraft. also, i got this dried seaweed snack thing and it’s goddamn delicious. i know that has nothing to do with lego, but whatever it’s worth mentioning.

i’ve read all the books i have here otherwise i’d read a book. well hold on, metrotown is open til 9 tonight so i could conceivably go get another one.


effort. i do not have it.

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