the kind of thing that isn’t work

i was just talking with another guy in my class about our hockey pool, and then about the current standings, and then about how we hope we never see the Leafs win a cup in our lifetime.

both of us agreed that if toronto ever made it to the final round we’d definitely be cheering for the other team. and then he busts out “even if it were calgary.”

and at this point i’m stumped. because you can’t cheer for the leafs, and you can’t cheer for the flames. so what do you do? vote for the lesser of two evils? what if the two evils are relatively equal in terms of their evilness?

discounting Leafs and Flames fans here, because y’all are crazy anyway, do you:

a. cheer for the leafs

b. cheer for the flames

c. come up with a better solution

d. decide that hell must have frozen over

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