it delivers real heat

so i finished what amounts to a complete first draft of the thesis tonight. it was one of those days where i spend more time thinking about writing than anything else. like eating.

i could send it in now, but i’m probably going to go downtown again tomorrow to gloss over it and see if i can tweak it a bit. plus i still have to put the bibliography in that lit review assignment for my IS class. THEN FOLLOWS A GLORIOUS WEEKEND OF NOTHING TO DO AT ALL.

on my way home i stopped by the Vancouver Blogger Meetup at the End Café on Commercial cause Raul had mentioned it the other day. so, there are a lot of internet folk in this city. obviously. also saw Karen who i can’t remember the last time i saw, but was happy to reflect on a bunch of communications classes and profs and public transit with.

i also determined that not having eaten much of anything all day and spending hours and hours hammering out the last bits of a thesis turn your brain to mush and socializing becomes an all together much more difficult task. so, next time, eat.

anyway, food. tv. guitar. sleep. not necessarily in that order.

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