order in the next three minutes

i have the third TextBusters ready but the wireless signal im stealing from my neighbour’s isn’t all that hot right now so i have to wait to upload it.

consequently, our neighbour’s dog is spending two nights here cause they went somewhere for the weekend which means i can’t go upstairs to get a snack now cause she’ll start barking and wake everyone up.

i finished picking the pictures i’m using in my photo exhibit in january about my time in Dhaka. finally. i kept putting that off. it was kind of a pain in the ass cropping fifty pictures so they’d fit in an 8×10 properly. i don’t print a lot of shots so i’m always surprised at how much of the feel of the picture you lose when you have to crop it.

sean connery just killed a dude on Red October. isn’t it amazing how Russians all have Scottish accents?

i have to start trying to figure out how to pack everything back up to fly back to Vancouver on tuesday. hopefully it doesn’t fucking snow ten feet and my flight gets cancelled. floods i can live with. cancelled flights, i could do without.

someone needs to figure out what’s going on for new years because a) im lazy and b) see part a.

i need to work on getting a normal sleeping pattern going again.

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