oh no! they’re forming a human pyramid! of robots!

i’ve never owned a Bob Marley cd before. now i have three. same with Steely Dan. and now i have two. i guess it’s one of those weird things where you like a band or artist but you never seem to have any of their stuff. like Sloan. i like sloan. i have no sloan at all.
and then you end up getting an album somehow and you wonder why you never had it before.

i still have to pick which pictures im going to use in my exhibition in january and do the write-ups for them. maybe i’ll do that tomorrow night cause my dad and i are doing guy stuff tomorrow. which basically means you can expect another episode of TextBusters in the near future.

heading back to Vancity on Tuesday. im hoping that nature doesnt decide to dump another three feet of snow on the city right before i fly back and closes the damn airport.

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