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i havent had a decent sleep in days. i have no idea why. when i try it sounds like there’s a war novel going off in my head or something. it is no fun at all.

this morning, after yet another craptastic sleep, i had to get up early (ie…8:30…) cause my mom signed us up to go wrap stuff for Santa’s Anonymous. all the way across the city. sans breakfast. but it was ok cause my dad and i figured we’d just wrap stuff for all the little dudes cause there were like twenty people there wrapping stuff and besides us, there was one other guy. so you can imagine how unlikely it is that the majority of present package things for little dudes actually made sense. i mean really, a stuffed bear, a car and crayons? how about a big ass Nerf gun, a set of LEGO and a monster truck. yeah. sounds about right.
it was weird though, cause i started to notice that the people volunteering would stick to a certain age group and hoard stuff for them. like, going to pick out all the good stuff for 7 year old girls and piling it up on their tables. so, yeah, i might have done that with the LEGO and nerf guns, but come on. you cannot mix stuff with lego that makes no sense to be mixed with it and that is a fact.
you know what else i discovered? little girls get loads of shit donated. little guys, they get jack fucking shit. it gets a little annoying having to sort through three fucking crates of barbies to find one batman toy. seriously, how hard is it to buy a spiderman toy or a batmobile or something that shoots stuff to donate? i bet a lot easier than buying the $30 barbie sets fifty times over. im pretty sure the ones my dad and i wrapped are gonna be fan favourites when they’re opened cause there’s no goddamn bears in them. lego, super heroes and things to shoot. you cant argue with that. i still buy those things.

we taught the parents how to play guitar hero tonight. it took a while before moving up to Easy, but it was entertaining.

i bit the side of my tongue or something and it hurts like hell.

now i will sleep and try to actually get a decent sleep so i can get up rested and tackle another chunk of thesis tomorrow.

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  1. I always feel really bad about the 10-14 year old age group. Everyone wants to buy barbies and legos and tinker toys (some of us hate fun)- but that whole age group gets denied. But where do you even start with that group- what do 14 year olds want? I am so out of touch.


    Sounds like wicked fun, my parents are video game inept but awesome musicians, so I think there might be hope. Or horrible horrible family disasters.

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