one four one one

three hours into the first bit of work i’ve done at home. im at the public library. there’s a big ass window next to me which i rather enjoy seeing as how my corner in the lab at harbour center never sees daylight. i’ve manage to put about half of my results into tables in the text… except that they look like absolute crap, but i’ll worry about style or formatting ro whatever later. i’ve hit that point where i start to bounce around between sections, i add a few sentences here, then move up to a diferent part and add some there and repeat.
tomorrow i might go to the UofA to work, i dunno. i dont really know where anything is there. plus there’s public wifi at the library and im not so sure about there.
there’s also the fact that it’s fucking freezing here and im not sure if i can take any vehicle there and leave it sit there for eight hours and still have it start. that would be uber lame.
my mind is starting to wander more than it should.

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