suddenly there were birds

the internet exists to pander to our sense of narcissism. and for porn. anyone who tells you otherwise is completely full of shit.

oh, and to tell us that it’s important that we know that some random Canadian voice actor was injured in Mumbai. cause that’s news you need to know. when that whole thing started, i wondered how long it would take for the first mention of some actor or model to pop up. less than a day. like, remember when the tsunami hit and everyone was all ‘oh that’s terrible!’ and then like a day later the news was like ‘a super model was caught in it!’ and everyone was like ‘FUCK THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END EVEN MORE SO THAN BEFORE NOW BECAUSE A RICH SUPER MODEL WAS THERE SO WHO CARES ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!’

the internet is also for making us think that.

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