more than half full but less than mostly empty

im still working on my social policy take home. cause it’s fun like that… it’s one of those things where you probably could finish it in a few hours, but you’re pretty sure that you’ll have to abandon any attempt of that at some point otherwise the answers that are already being pulled out of your ass will get worse and you’ll just get more frustrated and end up doing that thing where you skip through notes, websites, and end up looking for videos on youtube for ‘just a minute’ and twenty minutes later you try to remember what it was you were looking for in the first place.

i could easily tell myself i can go work on this thing at home, but i know that if i do, the most work i’ll get done is looking at different blog templates to play with. and then i’ll have to come back down here tomorrow to finish it off. which i’ll probably end up doing anyway. or i could crack open the red bulls in my fridge and give’r til 3am.

one of the things that happens when i work in the lab is that i lose any sense of time at all. at 2:30 i thought it was about 8pm. and ten minutes ago i thought it was around noon. and now it feels like it’s about 6:30. it’s all a mess and warp of notes and paper and typing and DOTN on repeat. and the odd whiff of humous cause i got lunch at the mediterranean place in the food court.

i have to buy an SPSS license cause i guess i’m now doing crosstabs on my survey results. which pisses me off cause i was hoping i only had to do simple stats on it which is why i made the fucking thing open ended cause i hate stats work and working with quantitative data makes my head explode.

i can’t decide what to write now. this leaves me no choice but to go back to trying to gice a succint critique of perceived advantages of the 1996 Seniors Benefits proposal…

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