stuck inside our own machine

i finished my social policy paper. i’m not sure how. somehow i turned one pamphlet and a news release into 20 pages. it’s a strange feat if you ask me.

i like this picture. it’s one of my favourites that i’ve ever taken. betcha can’t guess where i took it.

last night i actually slept. like, really truly got a full night of restful sleep. im not even sure when the last time i had that was. last year in october i had insomnia for about a month and would get anywhere from two to four hours of sleep for days on end.

this morning i totally dodged what could have been a fatal thesis killing bullet. and for a stupidly simple reason too. i guess i have to be thankful that it was that simple a problem and that all it took was a frenetic phone call to get it sorted out.

im not sure how long i’ve been here today. i know it’s less than 8 hours but more than 6. i also ended up giving an impromptu recruitment session to some of the first years interested in going to Dhaka for their co-op. i need to go to superstore and get milk because it’s hard to have cheerioes in the morning without it.

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