i built this place with broken pieces

im not holding out for a win tonight, but im gonna say yeah the oilers will win tonight. whatevs. they’ll be in prime shape come the regualr season anyway so im not worried.

i ordered cammo camera armour in class today because of this marvelous thing we call the internet and wireless and policy classes that see too many graphs being drawn on the blackboard and too little engagement. hoping for the odd moment of comic relief when the overhead projector takes on a mind of its own and decides to totally baffle your prof won’t work all semester. why go cammo over solid black? come on. that should be obvious. or not. depending on how obvious you think it is or not.

rambling takes more fucking time to think than it ought to.

i found a new pair of Chucks yesterday. i wanted brown but they only had up to size 7 so i found the next best thing which was charcoal with red trim. it works well.

i want to go hiking again even though my legs are still giving me grief. suck it up legs, there’s no bitching out in a few weeks when you have to haul thirty pounds of decoys, shells, and blinds through farm fields.

i get to do a photo exhibition through SFU with panel discussions and a public launch event this year. this year being sometime in the next two semesters. free publicity rules. awesomeness in attendance is mandatory. therefore, should you not come see it at all when it’s on, I won’t judge you as being less awesome but in my head I totally will be.

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