if you want to destroy my sweater

i totally had an idea i was going to write about but now ive forgotten it and that makes it hard to write about…


i started recoding and tallying the data in my surveys today. im halfway through twelve of them. that took me about four hours. that leaves 55 left that arent half done…so, using a basic projection of time needed based on todays work that was done it should only take me…a long fucking time to go through all 67 of them.

i half listened/watched to Slacker Uprising while i worked. i wouldnt buy the dvd but watching it for free online was good enough. it’s ok i guess. i’d give it a 7/10. i know it’s supposed to remotivate people after the last election flopped, but im not sure how relevant it actually is anymore.

tomorrow im going to sit in the lab all day and code more. batshit crazy by the end of the day? most likely.

our hockey draft is next week.

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