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a lot of the clothes that I’ve bought here are pretty much one off deals. once you find one, chances are you won’t ever find it again. case in point, several shirts I’ve bought at Aarong. i’d like to have found the same one again for a few, only managed it for one. they’re not big on having a cool looking shirt in the right size either…
anyway, i went back to feeding my addiction to nice jeans today and picked up another pair of $30 Diesel’s. i just pulled the tag off of them and read the little blurb on the unique look that each pair will have and that it won’t the same after being washed a few times.
however, the tag does offer some sage advice on how to keep that original, off the shelf look…

“We advise you to wash the garment separately and not to expose it at the sunlight.”

sooooo… vampire pants?

I mean really, why would you make a pair of jeans which are meant to be worn out that you warn people not to go out in?

on a totally separate note, i counted the living things in my room. two baby geckos, one medium gecko, one large gecko, three baby cockroaches, two spiders and five ants. oh, and one woodworm slowly eating its way through my dresser.

i finished my last hospital visit today for my project. i’ve gotten back close to 60 surveys so far and i have some more coming back tomorrow, so it feels pretty good to have accomplished something this summer. i also finished writing up the final exam for my English students and made sure to make it way more easier than it should be. seriously, they’d have to be fucking brain dead to fail this, but I say that knowing who is probably going to fail it anyway.

i met a doctor today who’s interested in visiting Canada and he was asking me all these questions about immigration policy and shit, and i was hoping he wasn’t going to ask me for a visa and he didn’t, but it was just another big in your face reminder that the people here would have pretty much zero chance of survival in north america or europe. and the reason…they’re so ingrained about their religion that they can’t even fathom a country where girls aren’t married off by the time they’re 18. the dude was fucking dumbfounded that I’m 24 and I’m not married. i’ve had a number of my students tell me they want to go to the US or the UK or Canada to study and i have to keep biting my tongue about telling them flat out that there’s no way they could ever afford it or that they’d be so blown away by the cultural differences that they’d have a hard time functioning. I know that sounds kind of crass and judgmental to say that, but their ideas about anything beyond the boundaries of Bangladesh are so skewed or non-existent that you just want to tell them to forget it, stay here and just live in your happy little five times a day prayer bubble. if ever there were a good reason for why secularism would be good for the progression of the entire world, it should start somewhere around here…

nick and i were downtown last week and we had to use an ATM so we’re in line and some random dude starts talking to us. random people talk to you here all the time if you’re white. they go “Brother, country?” and I say Canada and they go “aaahhh, Canada. Very Beautiful country.” of course they say this having no idea where it is or what it looks like. i tried to explain to a few people about the distance between Atlantic Canada and BC and it was pretty much beyond their scope of comprehension. anyway, atm guy. conversation goes something like this:

ATM guy: please, let me see your ring. *gestures for me to take it off and give it to him*

Me: You can see it on my finger.

ATM Guy: please brother, may I see it.

Me: You can see it on my finger.

Nick: Look, he’s showing it to you on his hand, he’s not going to take it off.

ATM Guy: Ah, where from did you get this?

Me: Las Vegas.

ATM Guy: Ahh, Las Vegas, very far to come from.

Me: Yeah, I’m not from there but I went there a few years ago with my family.

ATM Guy: So your country is?

Me: Canada.

ATM Guy: Ah, Canada. Very peaceful country. Not so aggressive like America. All the Americans are very rude people.

Nick: No, actually Americans are very nice people. If an American walked up to you on the street they wouldn’t be very rude to you at all.

ATM Guy: Yes, the original Black Americans are very rude, they have a very rude culture.

Nick: You mean African Americans? They’re not original Americans, they were brought over to America as slaves from Africa.

ATM Guy: Yes, the original Americans.

Nick: You mean Native Americans, they were the original inhabitants. There’s very few of them left, they’re not African American.

ATM Guy: Yes, they are very rude people.

and this was an upper middle class guy. no fucking clue at all. according to some of the students at the uni, Ireland SHOULD BE where Ukraine is. also, apparently, North Americans are much more conservative than Muslims because the only thing we do when we greet each other is shake hands…

yeah. if you can wrap your head around that one feel free to explain it, cause I cant.

but then again, i bet the geographical knowledge of people here is on par with most Americans, so it can’t be that bad….

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