i haven’t decided how yet, maybe dynamite.

what’s today? it doesn’t seem like a thursday. it doesn’t quite seem like a monday either but it doesn’t seem like a mid week day or weekend. i dunno. i got up this morning with the intention to write the final exam for my english classes and that has resulted in basically nothing. i haven’t been sleeping well so i took some mogadon last night to help me sleep and i think it carried over for most of the day cause i felt kind of meh all day.
i finally found Forgetting Sarah Marshall on dvd here. after how long? and i get home, and i pop it in and it’s dubbed in fucking Russian.
seriously. dis wery lame tu hagv dis happin. english moovie shooold be hin English, not da Ruskie. lamer too cause it’s a really good copy. honestly, as good as it is to be able to buy movies for under a dollar here, trying to find one that doesn’t skip, jam up, dubbed in another language, or be a shit handicam copy is a bit of a tall order.
tomorrow im going to the last hospital i planned to visit for my research. had to change the meeting with the government folks to next week, but really, after tomorrow im basically done with it until i get home and have to sort through it all.
here’s an early indication of the exciting title it might have…


Determinants of Nursing Services in Non-Government Operated Bangladeshi Health Institutions and Policy Reforms to Increase Levels of Service and Practice: Identification of Issues Pertaining to Low Quality Nursing Services in *5 Private Hospitals by Health Care Providers.

star 5 cause depending on how one goes it might end up being four. meh.

yeah, that’s right. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I’m going to put on The Last Starfighter and try to get this stupid exam written.

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