a brain fueled by lemons

so, I just found proof that human beings are turning into automated voice messaging systems.

i got my Student Loan agreement thing in the mail today, and i had a question about it, so i phone the handy dandy 1-877 number (whatever happened to 1-800 numbers?) and, because of the handy dandy call timer on my phone, it took about 2:01 to get through the first bunch of “please visit our website, if you are this, please visit our website at, if you are that please visit our website at, if you are lonely please visit out website at, if you are calling about press 1, if you are calling about press 3.”

i always press 0. because 0 always gets your right to the real people and not more menus. handy dandy.

anyway, my question took all of five seconds to ask, the response took all of ten seconds to give, I said “thanks have a good day” and was expecting the same.

but instead i got an earful of….

“thank you for calling the British Columbia Student Loan Service Bureau, if you have any questions please feel free to visit out website at www.bcslservicebureau.com or email any questions to customerservice@bcslservicebureau.com.”

which added another fifteen seconds or so to the call.

and me sitting here dumbfounded and wondering what to say to that.

so i said “um…thanks? have a good day?”

and THEN i got “thank you, you too!”


like….for serious?

you make me wait through two minutes of that message being droned on by a nasally sounding Barry Manilow voice and then you say it for reals?

that’s….i don’t know what that is. it’s odd.

i mean, wouldn’t the easiest way to have ended that conversation be along the lines of “thanks you too, and if you have any further questions just give us a call back or check out our website.”?

yes i think so.

simple, to the point, not leaving the caller wondering if they’ve actually been talking to a computer the entire time.

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