everything zen I don’t think so

lately I’ve been having trouble deciding what music to listen to on the way to and from places. i’ll listen to twenty seconds of something and switch to something else and repeat.
on my way home today i got off the skytrain and was walking to the stairs at the station and some girl marches right up in my way, stares at me for a second and starts belting out NO YOUE NOT MINE NO HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIIIIIIIME and it took me a second to realize she had earphones in.
i get business cards made up when im in Dhaka.
i realized today how much i rely on 16:9 when i take pictures now. im slowly trying to work my way back to 3:2 but it’s actually pretty hard. i’m so used to that extra width it just doesn’t look right. this might prove difficult when I eventually upgrade to an SLR and even then, a wide angle lens just won’t look the same on a display that’s not meant for wide screen.
it keeps being noted that when im out with friends most of the time im the only single person there. not all the time, just most of the time. this probably would have bugged the shit out of me a few years ago. now it’s a shrug worthy thing. one less person to yell at me if i do something dumb.
plus, i seem to move around a lot anyway so there’s that.
im listening to Sixteen Stone right now.
i think children who never had the luck to live through the early and mid to late 90s missed out. try to name any band that’s come out post 2000 that’s better than any band you listened to in the 90s. there are maybe 4 post 2000 bands in my iTunes.

dont feel low you look amazing.
dont get sick thats no fun.
dont go in the basement there are ants.

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