is it right? no. is it funny? hell yeah it is!

i caught a goddamn head cold. it’s annoying because it feels like i have to sneeze every two seconds and i dont really, but then you do that thing where you feel like you are so you make the ‘shit i have to sneeze’ face, but then you dont sneeze so you end up looking like a total dumbass over and over again.

my dad wants to take the bus out to the airport to see what it looks like going there on the bus. so we’re leaving like three and a half hours before our flight cause we have to go during rush hour.

and then i will go to sleep in the basement and i will not get up til very late and i will make bacon and eggs.

and it will be a glorious breakfast. a breakfast that hasnt been seen since i dont know when because i dont usually have time to make bacon and eggs.

im also tweaking the plans for the econ text book. it will still meet its terrible demise, but the options for its well deserved shooting full of holes has now been expanded due to an increase in the options available for calibres. so im thinking, a round of .45-70 to get things started, followed by three rounds of 3.5 inch magnum number 4 shells. it has to be well executed because i told people in my class i was going to destroy the book and film it and lots of people are excited to see how it goes down. im not in the business of disappointing people who have a mutual disdain for something. my dad suggested i mount the book on a plaque after it’s done with and hang it in the research lab. im thinking about it.

the one thing about going home that i can never wrap my head around totally is who to talk to there. i havent talked to people i went to highschool with for a long time, there a few people i worked with i havent talked to in a while, and theres the odd person i know through persons and stuff. it’s weird, going back home after you spend so much of your time in another city, or in another part of the country, getting to know different people, getting to know different things, and you go home and all the same people are there, hardly anyone’s left to go anywhere, and most of the time when you go out with people the only thing to talk about is “hey, remember that one time in high school?”

i can coutn on one hand the number of people i know from home who’ve gone elsewhere. it’s kind of a strange conversation when you’re at the bar and they ask what you’re up to, and you tell them all the palces you’ve been and things you’ve done and what you’re up to now, and they haven’t left the city for years. it’s kind of a conversation killer. which is odd when you think about it. i mean, they asked in the first place, so why let the conversation die after i tell you?

then there’s always the people you know are there that you really hope you dont run into just for the fact that things never ended the way you thought they should have and you’re not sure if they ever did but you cant help but think you dont want anything to do with them anymore. but then you run into their parents at the mall and they ask what you’re up to and it’s all the same thing over again.

im there for three weeks, and i think im going to see what the smallest number of people i can talk to is and not have to deal with all the ‘hey do you remember’ shit. i think that the people who are the most honest about being glad to see you back are the ones who ask how you’re doing, then dont get into conversations about school or anything like that. you just converse about nothing in particular and laugh and have a good time. because that way the next time you go back, you can remember something else that was fun.

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