does anybody have a dime?

ive been having really lucid dreams lately. really weird ones. to the point where i wouldnt even know how to begin to describe them. the kind where you know you’re dreaming but at the same time they seem so real that you’re wondering if you arent just imagining the fact that you feel like you’re dreaming. i used to have these kind of dreams all the time and then stopped having them as often. now they come intermittently, but it seems like each time i have one they get more intense. its like being in a stephen king book. maybe my brain is just catching up with all the time it missed out on not being able to dream about anything other than econ and politics.

tomorrow im flying back to edmonchuck with my dad. tonight he gets his christmas present early because im taking him to go see larry the cable guy for some good ol’ redneck fun. which is, in my opinion, the oddest thing to see in vancouver. this is the only canadian stop for a comedian who probably pisses off the fair majority of the area around here. calgary, i can understand, vancouver… meh, not like im going to complain, we missed him in Vegas last year by a week, so this makes up for it.

when i go somewhere for more than a few days i have this thing where i have to unplug as much as possible in my place because i get all paranoid that there’s going to be some crazy power surge and everything is going to blow up. the same with light switches. especially if they get stuck halfway between off and on.

i’ll have something deep and meaningful to say in a day or two maybe. til then…THEY TOOK MAH JOB!

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