how do you make walking better? make it stop raining

we’re sitting in class right now with a guest lecturer from the victoria transport policy institute.

he has on a funny looking tie and he looks like Jack Layton and Rick Mercer had a child but he’s probably the most charismatic and involved speaker we’ve had all semester. most of the lecturers we get talk at us then wait for questions. he’s pretty much been asking us questions then entire time to work into his presentation. if all presentations were like this then there would be no shitty-make-you-fall-alseep ones ever.

i forgot to mention this the other day…i saw a guy riding a segway the other day with a handicapped parking sticker on the front. this pretty much confused the hell out of me seeing as how you have to stand up the whole time and if you fall over then…well…you fell over.

oh dear god, he’s starting to use economics terms…

im going to the HIM concert with everett tonight. i might have to stick to the back cause my back is still hurting from yesterday.

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