keep your dignity

i am pretty friggin sore. and i definitely twitched something in the back at soccer today making a mad lunge for the ball that i probably missed.

today was rushed more than it should have been i think. get through class, get some lunch, get up to main campus, play soccer, get back to harbour center to sit through a presentation from some lady from the UN on disaster response mitigation and there were a whole nine or ten of us there for this one, and most of us were the soccer folks. im not really sure about the content of the presentation since i just about fell asleep.

tomorrow we have another one in class. i have to hand in a second draft of an anti-poverty policy brief for that class. that i spent probably fourteen hours working on this week to add four graphs.

we worked out that we have anywhere between 15000 to 18000 words to write in the next three weeks.

i am making food and watching Scrubs and going to sleep because that seems like a good idea.

also, a thought…think about how many kids will grow up knowing that there’s countless videos of them up on YouTube as a baby shitting their pants put there by their parents.

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