chocolate milk and crazy straws

in no particular order here are some pictures which youve no doubt looked at on the way down here.
so i had an ok seat, about halfway down to the left. would have been better if the chick in front of me hadnt kept moving her head in the same direction i was aiming my camera.

what can i say at this point? sixth concert and still fucking amazing. what more can you say to a double encore that closes out the show with Fated/Fine Art of Falling Apart/True Love Will Find You in the End? nothing. totally worth waiting six concerts to hear Fated and FAOFA.

Dala was a good opener. witty banter. i didnt go rush out and buy their cd. only one opening band has ever impressed me enough to do that.

also, people who dont know how to turn the flash on their camera off should not be allowed to own a camera because when the short little usher lady comes and scorns me for your goddamn quintuple burst red eye flash that will do fuck all to get you a good picture from where youre sitting, it’s not cool. watch me be all fancy here for a second with the camera type talk of which i really have no idea what it means but here’s what i did with my camera with the FLASH OFF LIKE HOW I LIKE TO HAVE IT OFF TO GET A GOOD PICTURE WITH NO GLARE OR THE BACK OF PEOPLE’S HEADS LIT UP GAWD! pretty much the entire show i had it set at f4.9 ISO 400 and a shutter speed of 1/2.5 to 1/1.3. again, not entirely sure what that means, but i didnt have to use a flash to get some decent shots. i did have to use the zoom a lot which sucked.

oh, and my brain had a good laugh at me when after the show i went to say hi to jen. yeah my brain was laughing its ass off cause in my head the whole conversation, however short it was, sounded like the ones i had in high school when i tried to talk to girls on my own. you know, the ones where you say hi and it just seems to hang there and then youre not really sure what to say after? hey Brain, you’re forgetting that i can totally make you pay attention in class tomorrow. hah. meh. it’s all good.

i bought an oilers hat today too. 2.5 fucking seconds. you’d think they were playing minnesota in the playoffs again.

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