after a week in new york

of the three guys sitting out here in the back yard (yay mobile blogging!) im definitely not the one who can fart the loudest.

i walked over here without sandals on because i wanted to and also because this particular pair of sandals is cutting my foot up. i think that people should spend more time walking around barefoot outside, it’s way cooler than shoes. shoes are overrated anyway.

i went and bought my copy of hospital music after work and now im listening to it outside in the nice weather.

i also got a postcard in the mail from my mom and aunt who are currently taking a tour of NYC and DC. apparently there really are Bubba Gump shrimp tshirts.

one of the benefits of having the three of us out here sitting around eating burgers is that we can plan our hunting season months in advance and shoot ideas around about where the best place to try a new sneak or set up a blind might be. some people plan out waxing their cars, we plan out field sections and firing cover paterns. if you ask me, strategizing is a good exercise in absract thinking. plus it isnt boring and god knows my job has enough of that to last far too long.

im going on a black and white grainy kick now.

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