the whitecoats are melting the snow down the mountains

so i listened to hospital music about five times at work today.

i took my dad and my uncle out for dinner tonight. now i have lunch all ready to go. hells yes take home things.

i also had a wasp fly in here not too long ago that i thought was just a big fly. i was wrong. i found out i was wrong when it decided to attack my lamp. and not just fly into it and bump it, but full on attack it. there was this crazy cloud of dust coming up out of it while it was going shithouse nuts in there.

so i took care of it much like i did the spiders.

also i think someone needs to invent laundry machines that dont take two hours to do your laundry.

we were watching a bit of the coverage on that bridge that collapsed in the states and we were trying to figure out who’d be the first anchor to say “dont worry it wasnt terrorists” and we totally thought it would be on CNN, but nope, it was on the BBC, which in about ten seconds told us more information about the whole thing that a half hour of watching CNN.

i think when somone asks a really fucking dumb question now you should say “who are you? Paula Zahn?” cause she asked one guy if the bus load of nine year olds had called all their parents on all their cells phones. and the guy just pauses for a sec as you can hear him thinking about how stupid the question is and then says something like “i dont think that nine year olds all have phones you know.”

oh Paula, just because youre a second rate news anchor who buys her kids one doesnt mean that every child in america has one.

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