see the world spinning round in his head

so ive so far managed three applications today. taking a little longer than usual cause im not all the way back in the groove and im taking more time with each application. took a brief Black Label Society break. nothing like shredding to Zakk Wylde to loosen up. im aiming for five applications today cause i honestly dont think i can stand to sit here for more than that. my hat is tres bitchin, non?
so is my guitar strap. i totally added the spikes on my own at like 2am one day. thus it serves two purposes, guitar strap and swatting people. i have an Ernie Ball strap that i got when i first got my guitar oh so long ago…hard to believe that was six years ago…and the ernie ball one is the one i used all through high school when we were all into the nu metal craze and tuned down to like B and if your guitar wasnt almost hitting the floor while you were standing there, well it just wasnt kosher. and then after the floor decided to beat the shit out of the bottom edge of the Blue Monkey i decided to shorten it. thats right, it’s name is Blue Monkey. it’s even got a sticker that says it.

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