what do you mean you arent allowed to sell it?

so we’re packt like sardines in a crusht tin box in class and everyone thinks dont pick me for the examplz. and then we take a break timeout and i got to get a bagel at the tim hortons and they tell me that theresz been a cross contamination with the cream cheese so its all boxdt up and they woodnt give me my baygull with creeme cheez and i stopdt and askdt myself how do you cross contaminate creeme cheez and water? this is this is this is so strange to be sitting here thinking thinking what should i could i would i do about that if i wanted needed that creeme cheez but i couldnt cant wont do anything about it so i guess i’ll think i’ll know i’ll turn around and go out the door in the door up the street down the road and listen and listen and see the little chiming bells chiming whistles chimes in the windows and tell myself tell yourself i havent seen enough you havent seen enough.

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