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so there’s a water boil advidory for the whole lower mainland on right now. either that or buy bottled water. and seeing as how bottled water is too expensive simply because Coca Cola decided to put a natural resource in a plastic container, i’ll stick with the boiling.

i pretty much finished one project last night, which is good because now i can focus on the other two more. initially this might sound like i have a lot more time to put in to the others, but once you consider the fact that theres only two weeks of class left…theeeeeen…not so much. whats worse is that my big huge worth 75% of my final mark paper is looking like its circling the drain in a bad way. response to it has been virtually non existant which is not so good. so i think my plan will be to start and finish my blogger paper this weekend leaving me pretty much two weeks to go into crisis control with the last one. im not panicking yet. i’ll only panic about that one if in a week im still no where. and then it will be bad. bad bad bad. ive got a few different approaches i can try out to see if i can get any more info for it at all. and no they do not involve me selling my body.

you know what i was thinking about earlier? you probly dont because i dont tend to think out loud. anyway. in university, rez especially you’re on a first name basis with pretty much everyone. everyone knows what everyone’s first name is and most of the time you have no idea what people’s last names are. like i’ll be on the phone with my parents and they’ll ask who i went for dinner with or something and i’ll tell them and they’ll be like whats their last name, and then i think a)why do you need to know, and b)ummmmmmm…thats a good question.
contrast that with high school. in high school everyone is on a last name basis, but in a way where your last name sort of becomes your first name. kind of like we’re all japanese i guess. maybe that happened more with guys than girls though. everyone knew everyone’s first names, but no one really used them. you’d walk in in the morninf and people would be like “zaph, football at lunch?” “yeah who’s in for sure?” “hammond, werstiuk, yanitsky, sakowsky,…”etc. you get the point. even some of my teachers did that. i have no idea what the point of brining this up was, but i just started thinking about it all of a sudden on the bus on the way to safeway.

by the by, $2 each for a pissant little stem of kale is bullshit. i like it, but not that much. fucking growing seasons…

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