i think they’re called dino mom eaters?

so it stormed here last night. and not just any ol’ storm. no. this was a once every few years big goddamn prairie electrical storm. it’s the kind where the lights in your house are pulsing when the storm is still fiftenn minutes away. and then you turn everything off and go and stand on the sidewalk with your neighbour to watch it and the sky looks like it’s made of flashbulbs and you stand there while your neighbours wife says you should go inside and you ignore her til something gets hits less than two blocks away and everyone runs for cover. and then like five minutes later you swear that it’s actually raining UP. and over the course of the time you watch you hear five distinct sets of sirens from the firehall. and then in the morning when you get to work it looks like a tornado went through the equipment.

i have my Tool concert clothes ready. 48 hours.

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