so you were tax deductible?

i got a kain cd and a cowboys fringants cd from my mom and sister who got back from montreal today.

my dad got a top 20 old time french country songs cd.

i have a headache. we re-sodded half a soccer field today. if you’ve ever played on a soccer field and thought that the ground was nice to play on thats cause someone took care of it and it takes a lot of hard fucking work to take care of the fucking ground. so next time you wear cleats, you just remember that someone had to lay at least 1000 pieces of fucking sod down one at a time so you could rip it up with your goddamn shoes after. yeah thats right football, im talking to you you fat fuck.

speaking of fat fucks. there was a report that came ot yesterday about fat kids and their ignorant parents who wont admit their kids are fat. on the radio this morning a fat kid rant got a lot of fat woman (note singular) angry who called up the radio station and yelled at them saying all fat people had genetic problems. so random callers call in saying “yeah you know theres genetics but parents have a role to play” and the last guy to call in was a doctor and they ask “so is it like 50% genetic problem?” and he’s like “no. more like under 5%” and those of us listening were like “hahahahahahah the fat lady is mad again.”

but seriously. fat people are human too. they’re like the bonus kind of human because when we see them on Americ’s Funniest Videos we get cheap laughs. but like every indulgence in life, best to take it in in moderation. unless you’re a manatee fucker who goes after it like a crack addict would go after tim hortons donuts if he thought the powdered ones were coated in pure columbian.

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