yo ho ho you got fucked up the bum!

rhyming is fun.

going to see Pirates 2 tonight.

lazy day at work.

got a gst rebate.

i’m the first to admit that im not the biggest dog person in the world. it’s not that i dont like dogs, it’s just that they make me uncomfortable. so. when i get home from work and the first thing that happens when i reach for the door is a big fucking black lab barking it’s fucking head off and running up to the door i start walking back to the truck. i got halfway and then i just kind of stared through the front windows watching everyone inside laugh.

also, i know im the only communication student in this household, and because of this ive taken classes in non verbal communication, but seriously, when you walk into my room and try to engage me in conversation and i answer and then pay attention to something else, dont sit there and stare at me. this is a simple cue that the conversation is over and that you should leave because im not going to say anything else. ok? got it? good. you’ve only done that how many times in the last how many years and you still havent figured it out? fucks sake people. i dont care what kind of towel you should pack for your trip. a towel is a towel is a towel.

i came up with some cool riffs last night. back to my more Opeth-esque sounding stuff. it’s hard to record that stuff with the setup i use cause my comp inputs dont so much like it when i hit my distortion pedal. fucking signal sounds like ass on playback.


i’ve got two twoonies. you ever really stop to think how weird a toonie is?

you know what else is funny? when you say a word and then you say it again and all of a sudden it totally doesnt sound real and you satrt repeating it over and over again trying to convince yourself that it sounds normal and that it is indeed a real word.

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