obi-wan tampons

apparently the quote of the day at work was my own doing.
“I was going for that arabic war cry, but it came out sounding more like Speedy Gonzales.”

fucking tree fluff is everywhere now and it pissed off my nasal passages something fierce today. me: ah CHOO!!!
mike: that was gross.
me: what are you talking about, it was a sneeze.
mike: yeah but there was like shit that flew out of your mouth.

here…have some chocolate covered almonds, and may we never speak of this again…

since i didnt finish my essay last night…or sunday…i have to finish it tonight. 5 pages in lockdown…door shut, moto typing.
after dinner of course.
id like to be catching up on phone calls and stuff, but since i put myself in a 5 page hole, i cant.
when i got home from work today my mom was like “how would you like to go to a movie with your sister tonight?”
“nope, essay.”
“oh well i guess that means you dont want to go. you’re an overacheiver you know.”

thanks mom, like i already wasnt aware of that.

some dude on the radio this morning won tickets and a hotel room in vancouver to go to the foo fighters concert, which got me to thinking that HEY! i have that weekend off as a three day weekend so maybe i should see if i can go. maybe. not likely, but i’ll think about it.

ok, my stomach is starting to say lines from Requiem for a Dream…FEED ME SARA FEED ME SARA….sooooo food time, essay time, shot of jager time, sleep time.

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