please detach

i saw an ad for a brita tap filter today that reminded me of when i was a kid. the catch phrase for the ad is “tap water and toilet water both come from the same place.”
when i was really little i used to think that when someone flushed the toilet the water would somehow run through the tap in the sink so you should wait til the bowl filled back up to wash your hands.
dont ask where i got that idea cause honestly, nooooo friggin clue.
i also used to take communion at school masses because i thought it was a snack.
hey, kids need energy. and it’s not my fault my teachers never said “pat, you arent catholic, dont do that.”

yeah yeah yeah, we lost 2-1. fuck off. it isn’t over yet.

i got five pages out of ten done on my essay. it has to be postmarked by friday. i’ll have it done by wednesday. my room looks like it barfed up random textbooks and papers about postmodernity. and it looks like when it barfed it all up it missed whatever it was aiming at and it got everywhere. i also remembered today that it might be a good idea if i applied to rez again just because i should do it early so i dont forget and then all of a sudden go “…oh shit.” i guess i could hide in a box on top of the mountain. so thats where my gst rebate is going. rez deposit. that leaves….$13 for lunch or something. but i think i get paid this week anyway.

sometimes i think my family can be more intrusive than they should be. case in point, mom comes down every so often and just sits there and says “so?” and looks expectantly. so? so what? nothing new has transpired in the last however long it was since you talked to me last.
if i spend a weekend doing fuck all and you KNOW that i spend the weekend doing fuck all, what’s the point in asking “so?” usually i just stare for a second, shrug and that’s it. few seconds later…”so? snything new?”

…didn’t we just go over this?

much as i bitch about my folks, theyre good people. clingy…but good people. seriously, when im in vancouver i get an average 4 phone calls a week from them. i know a lot of people who dont get four calls a month. im sure you can see how that would start to chip away at your fortitude slowly. you know, when the phone rings and you pick up and you just want to scream “OH FOR GODS SAKE YOU JUST PHONED YESTERDAY AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU HAD FOR DINNER AND IM DOING AN ESSAY SO LEAVE ME ALONE FOR THE NEXT TWO OR THREE OR SIX GODDAMN DAYS!!”
i think this gets balanced out by the fact that theyre always here when i get in a rough spot mentally and need some comforting or some old stories about dad’s uni days to get a good laugh out. but clingy….ya, they could work on the clingy.

well, at least italy won. so at least i can be happy about one game today. and is it just me, or do more people think that US fans really make themselves sound like theyre mentally challenged on the world stage when they cheer?
they must be the only country in the World cup that doesnt have a crapload of chants and songs to sing. all they can do is sound off “U-S-A! U-S-A!” and when you do that in large numbers outdoors, it sounds like “YES-WE’RE-GAY! YES-WE’RE-GAY!”

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