in the what hour now?

if im freakishly lucky this summer and win a bazillion dollars im buying an iMac G5 Dual Core, a sony HDV1080i, and im going to spend all summer making my own movies.
it’s 3:12 am…what the fuck am i doing awake…
this video project has completely fucked up my biologicalistical clock.
but it’s fun…so tis a dilemma.
ok, not so much maybe.
i was geting antsy about starting to get the editing done, so i just went ahead and started. i think i’ll probly end up doing 90% of the editing for the video, if not more.
i dont really mind. im good at it for some reason.
you can tell you’re not stressing that much and think you’re doing ok when you start making a behind the scenes featurette alongside the actual project. i think it might be longer than the actual documentary.
my dad’s in town. him and my uncle came and picked up a whole bunch of my shit today, so my room is basically, computer, and random stuff on shelves. gotta finish thursday afternoon after the fucking kines exam that ive had like no chance to study for, and the screening of our madly created ddr vid.
im pretty sure i’ll get an A in this class, cause i fucking well deserve one. i think we’ll all do pretty good. steve’s a cool prof. he’s excited to see what we come up with.
i dont really feel tired, but i should sleep.
larry the cable guy says “git er done!”
gonna do that in another 6 hours.

3 Thoughts.

  1. You’re taking the imte to do a behind-the-scenes video too… jebus you’re fucked.

  2. are you still alive I haven’t talked to you for so long, I miss my computer. this week is sad cause so many people are leaving and I don’t like it.

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