this is post 298

i think i’ll do number 299 in vancouver, and then take a break for like two days, and then number 300 will be the first one from home.
im pretty sure that im ready to collapse.
i say pretty sure because all teh caffeine ive had from red bulls and pirhanas is telling me im not…but im pretty sure i am.
as far as i know, the video is not done yet.
i know this because i left the lab 20 minutes ago to come home.
i have an exam in 7 hours.
i fucking pulled way more than my fair share of the work on this video so i figure i can let the others finish the damn thing.
im gonna try to motor through the exam and then run down and finish the blooper tape.
pirhanas have more caffeine than red bull. monster has more than either.
i bet when my alarm goes off at 6:30 i will hit the crash.
that will suck.
im pretty sure i wont fail the exam. im also pretty sure i wont fail the class.
im very sure i fucking hate kinesiology.
im very sure that i want to collapse right now.
im very sure that my pillow looks rather inviting.
im sure that there’s no way im going to get through rereading all my notes before the exam.
im not fucking staying up all night.
screw that shit.
i like my sleep.
even shitty sleep is still sleep.
ok im going to go hope my pillow is as inviting as i think it is now.
i have the mario theme song stuck in my head.

6 Thoughts.

  1. I’m thinking it’s because you didn’t add vodka to those Red Bulls.

    Don’t worry, there will be way less to do when you get home to…um…Alberta.

  2. heyoh thanks for the heads up that monster is better then red bull. good to know.

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