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i went and bought some birthday jager. and a mini tripod. it’s like the midget of tripods, but that’s ok because midgets are still people and this is still a tripod.
i got some birthday mail, that makes me happy. it also makes me happy that there was a gift certificate to MEC for $150 in one of them. no clue what im gonna get but i can worry about that later.
i got groceries today too which is good cause i was starting to get sick of rice and frozen veggies.
i was looking at the pasta sauces and my eye glanced over one and i thought it said “Vodka” and i was like no that can’t be right…
it was.
so, being that i rather enjoy cooking with all manners of alcohol and wondering whether or not there’s enough vodka in it to light it on fire, i bought it.
i once made sausages in tequila. never light tequila in a sauce pan when there’s only sausage in it and nothing else to absorb the alcohol.
trust me.
im going to make a decent meal tonight, then do my sociology readings, then for lack of anythign better to do, im going to go take a bunch of night shots with the new midgetpod.
actually, i probably do have better stuff to do…like learn…but really…who needs to learn?

current mood: “Bullet Proof Cupid” by Placebo

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