how do you say ‘ant’ in norweigan?

i think kevin bacon should sue someone. he is in that movie right?
on my way back up here these two girls who had been talking to Oyvind last week after going to the pub and a norwiegan guy Lars were on the bus, and Joy the australian had about five bags of groceries and fell over on me when the bus started to move, which was i guess why they sat there and were like “hey! you’re that guy! you live with Oyvind!” and then Lars was like “ya, he lived with Lotte too!” lotte moved out after christmas to go back to denmark, but not before sasha got used to hearing “oh…oh…oh! my norweigan monster!” through the wall.
theres also a scottish girl and i really should remember her name and i think it starts with a J but i cant remember…anyway, they asked me what was up to tonight and i said i had to go to the library.
seriously. you absolutely have to hear what it sounds like when a scottish girl makes a harrumph noise in her throat and says “no, come tu the Foggay Du! thers a european sooocial ther tunite”. sooooooo funny.
seeing as how i dont necesarrily have anything to do tonight i might. theyre not going til like 9 so i have some time to go to the library still.
i went and talked to my promo culture prof for about an hour about grad school. she taught at York for twelve years and was head of the grad school committee thing or whatever it is. which is convinient considering that i’ll be sending an application out that way.
plus she’s like, “I can tell you’re a good student. you’d be the kind of person we’d want to see there.”
i am glad to hear this. plus she’s like “SFU comm studies students almost have this halo over them because this is such a good communication program here.”
also glad to know that.
plus she said she’d write a reference letter for me.
very glad to hear that.
now i have to start to refresh on all my theory and shit. i told her i hated psychoanalysis because it deals in Freudian theory and i hate Freud and she laughed and said that was ok.
seriously, why aren’t there any cultural critiques dealing in Jungian terms? he makes way more sense and you dont have to deal in Marxist ideology as a necessity if you use Jungian theory.
Fuck Freud. actually no, because a Freudian would probably analyze that to fucking pieces. see what I mean? fucking freudians…
ok, i actually can’t sit here and procrastinate anymore. if i go to the library right now i can finish what needs doing in about an hour.
i’m trying to figure out if there’s any relevant way to discuss the proposed bloggirls calendar in a comm paper. there totally should be.

current mood: “Burden in My Hands” by Soundgarden

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  1. O_o poor Sasha.

    And poor Kevin Bacon. That man has suffered enough, don’t drag him down further by talking about him here. Sheeeesh let him rest in peace.

  2. I believe that ant, in Norwegian, is ‘maur’, but you say it more like mode in “a la mode”. (I’m too lazy to do accents.)

    I live next to a Norwegian, too. Crazy folk!

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