two russians and a bluetooth cable

between wednesday, thursday, and friday i managed about 6 hours of sleep.
somehow off those non consecutive six hours of sleep i managed to:

1. go shrumming.
2. help alex with his film while skipping lecture
3. go to the pub with vicki and dustin and corey cause dustin’s got on the Dean’s Honour Roll and he’s smarter than all of us.

rocks on top of shrum are good ammo for hitting busses. we’re such good students that we go to lecture at midnight. we make art sculptures in the halls. as a general rule we go and rub ghandi’s head after every shrum adventure.

alex’s film is called “23”. we rolled a bed down a hill in a construction zone many times. it was pretty fun. i saw the rough cut of the film and it looks pretty trippy.

kokanee was on special at the pub. it’s shitty beer. we had three pitchers. dustin and corey and i all did our best to try and imitate the Photo Smile. baker won. dustin and i just look retarded. a scarf makes a wondreful hat. we went to tim horton’s. we stayed there for longer than we thought we would and then came back up ehre and went to The Peak cause vicki had to go see if jen was still there. and then we ended up in a room next to the peak where there was a piano.

final votes are in.

good times all around.

i have to get started on an essay for my Promotional Culture class today. i’m pretty sure i have the essay topics in my room somewhere…i really don’t feel like doing an essay today, but i have to otherwise it’ll really bite me in the ass next week.

current mood: “Been Down So Long” by The Doors

2 Thoughts.

  1. Coffee also means happiness, joyfulness and randomness.

    All of which result in huge smiles, astonished looks and ppl saying “wtf!?” constantly as you jump off the roofs of trucks while singing.

    I think I’ve said enough.

  2. We are amazing people.
    I am sure everyone else preps for surgery by wandering on the roof tops of their campus and stacking chairs in the AQ…
    we rock at life!

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