id make a shitty elvis

my new clock floats in midair. anyway…couple random photos from my “i should be in lecture but it’s sunny out and i want to go take pictures” walk.
i told you i’d make a shitty elvis. look at the poor form of that lip curl.
i had my kin110 midterm tonight. fuckin gong show.
i got home and i walked in and i put my bag down and i picked up the textbook off the kitchen table and i threw it out the front door really far. and then i walked over and i kicked it. and some guy two doors down was having a smoke and i was like “this class fucking sucks don’t take it.” now my book is covered in grass and dirt and i don’t feel bad because that’s what it deserves.
now i feel restless. maybe i’ll go take more pictures, cause there’s fuck all of anyone on msn right now. and i’m getting pretty goddamn fed up with technology lately. i dont give a shit about commodity fetishism that might be inherently built in because of culture, i just want the fucking things to work without causing me much grief and not have to consider the actual labour that went into them and the labour that makes them NOT WORK.

current mood: “Pushit” by Tool

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  1. do you have a camera that lets you take all things in black and white and just let one color stand out?

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