vector THIS!

i had a shat sleep last night. i went to bed at like 1am, which is earlier than usual. and then everyone came back from the pub and there was much loudness and talking outside and downstairs and i really wanted to go out on my balcony and yell “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU COCKFACED SHIT HEADS!”
but i didn’t cause it was slushing and my balcony was covered in wet snow.
and after the shitty sleep i got up early and went to the library and got the reading for my Soc class thats this afternoon and came back and read it fast and typed up my page of commentary and took the book back and came back to eat breakfast.
and when i pulled my ox of vector off the top of the fridge i wasn’t happy right away.
i did not leave the top of the box ripped up last time i ate it. which was yesterday.
i had more than half of it left. now theres basically the crumbs left.
i know there were people downstairs in the living room last night.
A) you are not cool.
B) you had better fucking buy me another box, that shit’s not cheap
C) eat someone else’s food next time
D) did i mention that you are not cool at all.
normally i could forgive something like this. however, i’m tired, had a crap sleep, the first thing i did this morning was go to the library and read 30 pages on the dissemination of new information technology. reading about how high school dropouts invented computers and made a bazillion dollars doesn’t put me in a good mood after a crap sleep and finding out i have no breakfast food anymore. so maybe when everyone else wakes up or shows up i’ll throw the box at them.

current mood: “minority minority” by jesushairdo

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  1. at first I was sure that I was the one who ate your cereal… until I found out that your cereal was Vector. Ick much! So sorry, I didn’t eat your cereal. Throw rocks at them once you find them.
    PS your friend Amanda looks like Evan Rachel Wood.

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