so THATS what 500$ worth of booze looks like

so i was in my four hour sociology lecture and apparently i was missing out on a closing out sale at the liquor store at kensington. i got to help look at it in the trunk of bryce’s car when the rest of the Fambly got back. i got pity beer too. i think i’ll not take the pity beer. i’m not gonna mooch booze. the sale ends tomorrow at nine or something. we’re going to a leadership summit til 5:30. i bet if i go there after i’ll be able to buy a can of beer cause there’ll be fuck all left. there was no jager left. i want jager, not beer. therefore, i will not take the pity beer.
i just like the last picture. it’s cool.

current mood: “Ariel vs. Lotus” by Limblifter

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  1. Ha, I knew one of my friends left booze at my house. One of my roomies drank the rest of your Jager and had to buy me a knew bottle. I thought it was Simon’s but it’s yours. So, this posting has brought you Jager. I’ll keep it for you, for when you return to Ontario in three years.

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